Das Weltkulturerbe

The World Cultural



Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To The Ambassadors

In The FRG

CC Worldwide

Luebeck, 29 May 2005

Free English translation on 15 October 2021.

Document reviewed in May 2019.

Precautions/ Information/ Control

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Dear Sirs,

Following on from the recent letter from myself, I would like to, or rather must, deliver a somewhat highly complicated letter to you, as you have your jurisdiction as ambassadors and diplomats for overarching rights and duties of the humanity of the respective states. Thus, you are persons who now, in our difficult age, move directly in a political field which could become highly explosive.

As already stated in writing, one of the Chains of Ambassadors under the leadership of King Juergen forms the worldwide governing authority; these are the Royal Danish ambassadors, whereby the ambassadors in Denmark and in the FRG also have a special task.

This letter should first be passed on to certain trustworthy persons, so that appropriate measures can be taken, which will concern a highly complicated control and thus also touch the supra-Monumental-Realm. Not only terrorism, but also the Mafia, which has also been able to spread continuously, as well as groups planning coups of individual statesmen, are causing some of those currently in power to be replaced, as we will all have realised.

Now there are people in the world who will no longer be replaceable, who are truly irreplaceable, and this makes the matter and the job particularly difficult, also because a certain immobility***** of these people will be the result.

***** Applies only conditionally to my person in 2018/ 2019***** Time is pressing and my person knows the way! To this circle of persons now belongs primarily your Authorities, which are composed of three persons as well as probably our Pope John Paul II.+++

Thus, the whole of humanity is now moving on the black ice and can literally easily collapse, as we had to learn again yesterday in the news through the last severe earthquake with a magnitude of 8.7 on the Richter scale and today's volcanic eruption in Mexico. Also, when one moves in the political arena, one has to reckon with the fact that one can slip quickly and serious mistakes could be made, as you as an ambassador with diplomatic training will surely know.

As you could see from my recent letter, even people with a highly criminal or dirty career will have to be given a fair chance to be able to cross over to the right side and to face the highest jurisdiction with peace of mind, which will inevitably come towards humanity. Exactly in between is my person in particular and so I therefore had to deal with highly complicated circumstances which establish a basis through particularly severe psychoses.

Not only psychoses of my person, but also of other affected persons as well as other mental disorders and illnesses belong to this wide field, especially when the jurisdiction announces itself or, in other words, when the entire history of Creation is heading towards its end.

In particular, drug addicts also compulsorily contact the Monumental-Area by means of their psyche, just as can happen to alcoholics. Last but not least, smoking tobacco or drinking coffee or even tea belong to this addictive behaviour of humans. Mixed drinks containing cocaine then almost belong to the group of higher intoxicants as well as the latest artificial drugs such as Ecstasy, which are on the market through chemical compounds or mixtures.

Due to the addictive behaviour of drug addicts in particular, everyone can see that withdrawal will be almost impossible for the person concerned, since most of the young people in this group will not have had any criminal ambitions, but as a rule will have become delinquent due to acquisitive criminality and thus a "change of sides" will have taken place for the person concerned, which, however, is indirectly the fault of others.

These others are mainly people from the socio-political field, from the political field, from the social field, from the medical field and also from the spiritual field. If one wanted to stop or fight the continuous expansion of the drug world, then almost every state would first have to deal with the countries of origin of drugs and their government representatives. Latin America is particularly affected in this respect, but the cultivation of these narcotics has already spread to such an extent that a confusion covers the entire market.

This market is certainly dominated by dangerous circles of people, very often made up of drug rings. The most famous ring is the notorious Mafia, which is made up of many feared Mafioso. In places where easy and much "money is made" and the goods find a safe outlet, other groups like terrorism like to join, as they also need to be financed.

Thus, the whole environment of the drug world is highly explosive, as these circles are ruthless and unscrupulous and will certainly fight for their place and power. Not every politically responsible person is independent in his or her actions, since the mafia is widely ramified and the mafia touches the political field more often than will be known, and thus individual members of the government will be susceptible to blackmail by the mafia.

Especially in Southern Europe and Latin America, Africa or in the Eastern bloc countries, a high state official can be under pressure from the mafia, as they like to prey on the family members of government members in order to have the government under control. Nor can it be entirely ruled out that a statesman or one of his family members and even a churchman is himself a member of the mafia. 

In addition, today's artificially produced drugs make it even more difficult to catch all the dealers, because the necessary substances are easy to obtain and the circles of addicts and dealers have thus expanded rapidly. As a result, the strong intoxicants will also find ever greater sales. 

In schools, discotheques or underground stations, young people are readily introduced to the use of drugs, but especially in discotheques, where the intoxication from cigarettes, alcohol and music easily tempts them to try a drug, which incidentally can also trigger psychoses in a few young people, which the experts should be able to confirm.

In order to get these contacts under control and to get the young people out of the vicious circle or to put an end to the enlargement of these circles, a worldwide uniform concept must now be worked out without delay, whereby all states of the world will have to take a direction that includes a real solution to the problem, but each state must remain capable of acting independently, because it is not the same, for example, whether a Roman Catholic Austrian enters or leaves this circle or whether a Muslim Cuban, a Buddhist Thai, an African, Indian or whether a person with more than one recognisable cultural descent is contacted with it.

The whole matter is no longer manageable even for any specialist, but for the Monumental-Sector, which certainly also needs a change in this control for security reasons. In other words, the entire worldwide drug trade must be brought under the control of each individual state, in that each addict, under the medical control of a psychiatrist, receives his required quantity of narcotics free of charge through the public hand of a social network.

The required quantities will be grown under state control and will have to be given directly to all states at a reasonable price. This measure would put the entire heavy drug trade in checkmate, which would mean that during the changeover period many members of the government and their families would be in the gravest danger of their lives, as the mafia rings will not allow the business to be destroyed without offering resistance.

Thus, for the blackmailable members of the government and their family members, a hotel facility with special protective facilities and necessary precautions should be made available in each case for a transitional period, with special attention also being paid to the deliveries for the kitchen and the entire staff being kept under surveillance until the danger has been averted or until the Monumental-Cudgel can take control through its activity.

A large part of the armed forces of each state would be used to break up the entire drug scene, especially to confiscate the substances for the artificial drugs such as Ecstasy and to bring these substances under state control as well.

The abuse of alcohol should be dealt with in a similar way by the doctor and the retail trade.

Smoking will also have to be controlled via the medical profession by means of a prescription for cigarettes or tobacco dispensed by pharmacies. Especially the dispensing of morphine to hospitals and pharmacies must be precisely regulated, since, for example, a dying Cancer patient is given morphine at the end of his life because of the severe, inhuman pain, which again particularly affects the Monumental-Area, even when drug addicts die of an overdose during a trip. 

Likewise, the use of psychotropic drugs and possibly special heart preparations must also be brought into a "supererogatory" relation, at least the factor of uncertainty regarding the death of a human being must absolutely be taken into account.

So one day humanity will have to be able to leave these detached circles and this will only succeed, if humanity is aware that these afterlife areas exist and that these areas belong in a control that human beings must also take over! Since no one knows how, why, for how long and whether exactly these connections might be needed, an exampel will have to be made. Instead of blaming the already mentioned responsible persons (e.g. mafiosi) forever, they will be given a chance to know these vicious circles themselves by taking narcotics.

Thus, some who have officially earned their living through the affected scene of addicts, while still enjoying a high reputation through their social commitment, should get to know the withdrawal of narcotics at first hand.

Anyone who has been professionally involved, directly or indirectly, with the world of drugs should long ago have put a sensible concept on the table, especially when the agonising consequences are known to that person.

The dealers or mafiosi will not necessarily have to go behind bars, because what applies to one must also apply to the other. This would mean that one day many dealers could be set free again with this above-mentioned condition. The dealers or mafiosi will have to be injected with the narcotics until they are literally close to heaven, only to come back down to earth by learning about withdrawal.

This also applies to some concerned members of the government, who have been able to line their pockets directly or indirectly with the money of addicts.

Please negotiate especially with the countries in Latin America and give the drug growers* in the poorer regions the possibility to earn their living with the controlled cultivation of drugs, but to be able to concentrate mainly on the cultivation of grain, fruit and vegetables or on cattle, sheep and pig breeding.

Please refrain from destroying these fields with pesticides, but let the entire harvest be harvested by not harming a hair on the head of the illegal farmers in the poorest regions who were working under pressure from the mafia or had no other way out.

It will be different for a drug grower who would have had many other alternatives to earn a living. These people will also learn to feel the "stuff" and the consequences first hand. Should someone find death through this, then it is simply fate; there is then no other possibility, whereby no one should challenge death through an overdose, as they would then have to feel that injection themselves.

To complete this letter, it should be mentioned that it must be made possible through the Monumental-Area the Monumental control should be made clear through TV by means of my person that the right to a freedom of religion is behind the right to truth, because the right to truth can enable the survival of humanity.

Unfortunately, the truth does not look good, because at present there will certainly not be a paradise into which a human being as well as a Muslim could enter after death. Christianity also believes in eternal life, but they speak of the Last Day in this regard.

Again, at this point, humanity will be involved in the matter that is to be related to the aforementioned control. Personally, I am aware to some extent* of the entire functioning cycle of life, which finds agreement with all world religions, which will not be a coincidence.

As it would be dangerous to explain too much, this much should be mentioned; Christianity is demonstrably the true and predetermined form of faith, but only with a true leadership of the One Church, which is "normally" bound to the Super-Monumental Control. Through the observed celibacy of a Roman Catholic clergyman, the clergyman thus enters into a special connection with the direct control, which must run in parallel (e. g. Clavator or Cudgel) during the transitional period in order to remain protected in this connection.

Christianity is suggestively a kind of intermediate stage of Buddhism, Confucianism, Lamaism and Hinduism. Judaism belongs more to the intermediate stage, but it has no spiritual leadership in the sense of Christianity, which has already been redeemed by the dying of the Son of God and by the Bodily Resurrection.

Islam is rather a modified sub-stage of Christianity, which does not really devalue a Muslim, but quite the opposite. The natural faith of the tribal peoples, i. e. the tribal religions, tend to run through all religions, whereby ultimately no fully developed, desirable circle of life will be functional.

The Christian Orthodox Churches and Protestantism are a diversion from the true teachings of Christianity and thus particularly pernicious, yet necessary in the matter. It follows, in relation to this letter, that the Super-Monumental Control will also be affected in this respect, and about as much as by the difference between "good and evil". ................ What is meant is the human connection in distant, strange and dangerous dimensions (neighbouring alien universe)* and the lower worldly * assignment to the "paradise or hell" to be built up.

You can see from these statements that this letter is not necessarily meant for the great masses, but for the many people who are active or must become active transnationally, so that everyone can recognise that, among other things, the whole structure of the circle of life must be held against the coming end, which will also become increasingly clear through the signs of the Earth.

Should the terrorists surrender or turn themselves in because they have been shown by the Monumental-Realm via TV or by other* means, that there is no paradise yet and that a Muslim also never had the chance to enter a paradise through death, especially with regard to the "Holy War", then these people will have to bear witness to this to the great masses.

For this reason, these witnesses should be kept alive unpunished in order to be able to give testimony in return. Torture and harassment are not allowed to anyone when the terrorists are arrested, but only appropriate resistance, which should be done with shotguns if possible. 

The sentence will then be determined by the Monumental-Area, as in many other areas as well.

Please also inform the Russian head of state Mr. V. P................ in this matter as a matter of priority, as he certainly also has blood on his hands due to his past through his work in the secret service. He will also feel very well that he will never be safe from coup attempts and attempts on his life throughout his life, especially because the mentality of the Russian or Ukrainian population tends towards this.

His predecessor also knew this very well and certainly did not choose a man from the secret service as his successor entirely altruistically. Mr. V. P. * should please think of his wife when making his decision, who was drawn into this dirty circle by the Monumental-Control, although she certainly does not belong in this circle.

Every spouse should also be aware of this in future and always bear in mind that it is possible to change sides. Mr. V. P. ...* has certainly not been appointed to the civil service by chance, as many others have also been.

Basically I would like to add that an adult person and a youth will not be forced to accept the true faith, but he will have to be forced for his own protection and safety to discard the false faith and to bring his offspring into the correct teachings, which can only be controlled by the Monumental-Area through the Cudgel of my person.

Anything else would be unworkable and also artificial to the Creator and therefore untrustworthy.

P. p. Empress

12 December 2018 ***** 15 October 2021 Document reviewed and amended. On 12 July 2024 document supplemented.

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